From the Director

I am grateful for the common vision and love we share for the children of Saint Vincent. First and foremost, we want to see the children move to a new facility and become comfortable in their new home.  They have seen buildings destroyed around their old school as the government rebuilds downtown, so we need to remember that stability and security are primary concerns when the time arrives to move.

It is also vital for our children to be able to integrate within society. At SVC we have children who have no disabilities, but the majority of our children have some kind of challenge. By learning side by side, all our students have the opportunity to learn from one another and integrate easily–regardless of their physical challenges.

We want the children of Saint Vincent to finish their education, become employed and build homes for themselves. Not only will this enhance their lives, it will also create room for new students at Saint Vincent. We want the members of our community to connect with people who will help them become employed and fulfill their dreams.

We desire to work with all of you in providing the best for the children of Saint Vincent. The vision of the church is to work with those who are in need, especially those who have special needs. LET’S DO WHAT GOD CALLS US TO DO. Amen.

—Père Frantz “Fanfan” Cole

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