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campJacob 2016Every year the children are given the opportunity to participate in a summer program called “campJacob,” hosted by Jacob’s Color Link Initiative. During camp, the children are given the opportunity to experience life outside the Centre. For seven days they are able to relax, enjoy nature, and have fun. Whether it’s in the suburbs or at the beach,  the change of scenery is good. The exotic life they experience through TV, radio or books finally becomes theirs for a little while.

Although campJacob is designed to be fun, its sole purpose is to provide holistic therapy. This year’s staff included a drama therapist, a creative arts therapist, an Olympic swim coach, two physical therapists, an occupational therapist, a massage therapist, two music and language teachers. Twenty other professional counselors served on staff, including two deaf teachers from the Texas School for the Deaf.

campJacob budsThis year, the children spent an unforgettable week at Royal Decameron beach resort. On the way there they sang, laughed, clapped and shared stories. They all made plans and promised to take pictures by the pool and play games. Some were sad that cell phone use was prohibited, but that was the only complaint. Even those who can’t talk expressed their joy with their smiles and gestures.

It was a wonderful week, and they were so grateful for the experience. They can’t wait to do it again!


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