First Day of School!

photo-from-jennifer-wickham-3At 8 o’clock a.m., the students lined up in silence for the rise of the Haitian flag. Just a few moments earlier, the school yard and playground were full of noise as students, teachers and parents all expressed their joy at seeing one other again. Returning students felt at home, but the new students were shy and holding on to their parents. Pere Fanfan said a prayer and then the students headed to their classrooms. The children were so happy to be there! You could tell by their smiles and voices. The teachers said that this is the first time in years that there were so many students on the first day of class. 100 students attended today, but more are enrolled and will join us soon. Some of the classes include Kreyol instruction, math, reading, music and a new series of classes presented by Handicap International. The first day went by fast, but it was a great success! We wish a successful year to all our students and teachers!

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