Hurricane Matthew Final Update

Final Update on Hurricane Matthew

Things at the Centre are gradually returning to normal after the effects of Hurricane Matthew. School resumed on Monday, 10/10, and most students were in attendance. A few staff members have taken time off to tend to family concerns. Most of the clinic’s medical professionals served as emergency responders in the hardest-hit areas, but they are now back in Port-au-Prince and have resumed daily activities for SVC. The water pump at the Centre has been repaired and potable water is now available for both consumption and sale to the community. There has been no apparent increase in illness within the community, and the weather has continued to be kind.

The Centre continues to experience a critical need for food and other items. Prices around Port-au-Prince are still above average, so the staff members are working hard to cover all the needed areas. While there is a current supply of rice, spaghetti and cornmeal on hand, they have been unable to provide the proteins and high-nutrient items needed for a balanced diet. This is especially critical for the students and residents who require ongoing medical care.  There is a continuing need for bleach and disinfectants, first aid and medical supplies, household items (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, gloves, diapers, toiletries, batteries, etc.).


How You Can Help

In addition to the critical items listed above, regular financial support is needed for food, water, classroom supplies, transportation, salaries, utilities, medicines and other items always in short supply. As many of our students and clinic patients are unable to pay for the services they receive at Saint Vincent Centre, we depend heavily on the generosity of others to help us fulfill our mission.

Please continue to keep Saint Vincent’s in your prayers and share our story with others. We would be grateful if you would consider making a one-time or regular gift to support our work. You may click the “Donate” link at to make a secure online donation or learn how to donate by mail.

If you have questions or would like more information about any aspect of the organization, please contact Jennifer Wickham, the Development Coordinator for Saint Vincent’s Centre. You may reach her at


Updated information about Saint Vincent is regularly posted on the SVC website ( You can also follow us on Facebook (“Centre Saint Vincent Haiti” and “Centre St Vincent Pour Enfants Handicapes”), Twitter (stvincentshaiti) and Instagram (stvincentshaiti).


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