Message from Pe Fanfan

Saint Vincent is an extended family. We are all tied together by a cause which keeps us definitively dependent on each other in good or bad situations. There is Haitian proverb saying: SELEW NAN MALE OU KONEN SIW GEN BON ZANMI. We are getting emails from everywhere. First from the board members of Saint Vincent we get some warm love. They call to make sure that all decisions have been made to secure our children. It is so lovely to have ZANMI LWEN. The Friends of Saint Vincent are sharing words of comfort with the residents by WhatsApp. Susan Nelson wears a bracelet given to her by Mackenson in solidarity with Haiti. All of these meaningful signs of affection touch our heart.

It is getting serious now. The heavy rain just started. MATTHEW just announced that he is visiting Haiti. The government just cut the power to avoid danger of any sort. We already lost one man in the South. He was a fisherman.

I hope we will be able to continue to feed you information.



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  1. Karen Mackenzie-Stepner
    Karen Mackenzie-Stepner says:

    Father FanFan I am pleased to hear that all are safe. Please remain dry and protected form the hurricane. my thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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