Urgent Help Needed

The impact of Hurricane Matthew on the country has been profound. While events are still unfolding, there are reports of widespread flooding, property damage and loss of life across the country. The impact appears to have been greatest on the Tiburon Peninsula and the southern coast, but damage assessments are still being conducted around the country. It will likely be some time before the full picture becomes clear. We do not expect Tropical Storm Nicole to affect Haiti, but there are increasing reports of a new tropical disturbance forming near the Windward Islands. News outlets in Haiti are advising people to prepare in case there’s a second weather event.

The school will be closed until Monday, 10/10. The clinic and brace shop are closed and hope to reopen on Thursday, 10/6. The two properties suffered only minor damage from wind or water, but potable water is unavailable and power has been unreliable. (The Centre does have a working generator, but the water pumps are broken.)

The Centre’s 30 permanent residents are safe and were unharmed. The 250+ students of the school remain at home with their families. It is unknown at this point whether any of them experienced injury or property damage, but we anticipate this will be the case. The Centre’s staff and faculty members are reporting missing family members and there is widespread nervousness about the possibility of another storm, even if it only proves to be a rain event. Authorities are advising people to expect an increase in cholera and other water-borne illnesses.

Tremendous financial support is needed to help us respond to the needs of our community. Food and water at the Centre are in short supply. Administrative Manager Aurélie Fièvre reports that there has been a sharp spike in prices, so the limited funding they do have is not enough to cover their needs.

Funds are needed immediately for critical items such as:

  • Drinking drinkable water and food
  • Bleach, disinfectants and hand sanitizer
  • First aid supplies and medicines for cholera, diarrhea, etc.
  • Household items (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, gloves, diapers, toiletries, batteries, flashlights, etc.)

YOUR SUPPORT IS URGENTLY NEEDED. Please share our story with others and consider making a one-time or regular gift. Click the “Donate” link at http://stvincentshaiti.org to make a secure online donation or learn how to donate by mail.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Wickham, the Development Coordinator for Saint Vincent’s Centre. You may reach her at stvincentshaiti@gmail.com.


Updated information about conditions at SVC will be posted on the SVC website (http://stvincentshaiti.org). You can also follow us on Facebook (“Centre Saint Vincent Haiti” and “Centre St Vincent Pour Enfants Handicapes”), Twitter (stvincentshaiti) and Instagram (stvincentshaiti).


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