A Message from our Board Chairman William Craddock

Dear Friends,

Life is fragile, nature is indifferent, prayers are needed, love can be found.

Today is the eighth anniversary of the most devastating natural disaster in the western hemisphere. In just 35 seconds, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 killed 250,000 people and left millions homeless in Haiti. The aftermath of this terrible catastrophe challenged the Haitian people to “dig out” both literally and figuratively to create a new life in a rubble strewn and devastated island. Above is a photo of Holy Trinity Cathedral a few days after the earthquake.

Today is a day of sorrow, sadness, and remembrance of those who were killed, maimed, left homeless, or lost loved ones in Haiti. Let’s pause for a moment and pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti with special prayers for the children at St. Vincent’s Centre.

Last night, Anderson Cooper spoke from his heart about the dignity and compassion of the people in Haiti. You can link to his broadcast here: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/01/anderson-cooper-breaks-down-while-defending-the-dignity-of-haiti-a-dignity-many-in-this-white-house-could-learn-from/


Our prayers unite us,


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