A Visitor’s Perspective

A New Home for Saint Vincent’s!

Dear friends,

After many years of planning and dreaming, we are pleased to announce that the new home for Saint Vincent’s Centre for Handicapped Children is nearly complete. It is located in the area of Santo 17 in Port-au-Prince. We could not have reached this important milestone without the prayers and support of so many wonderful people. Thank you for all you have done to make this a reality!

A dedication ceremony of the new facility is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8th at 10:30 am. (Additional details are found in the attached invitation.) Relocation will take place over the next few months, and we’ll begin the 2017-18 school year in the new location. A formal grand opening will take place in the fall.

We invite you to celebrate with us on March 8th, whether in person or in spirit. It has taken the work of many hands to help us reach this place. We ask for God’s continued blessing on the community of Saint Vincent. N’ap kanpe ansanm. We stand together.


William S. Craddock, Jr.
Chairman, SVC Board of Directors


SVC Statistics for 2016-17

(as of 10.24.16)

  • Total number of children and adults at SVC: 343
  • Permanent student and adult residents: 30
  • Resident age range: 3-66 years
  • Enrolled students at the day school: 313
  • Student age range: 3-25 years
  • Total number of deaf children and adults: 145
  • Total number of blind children and adults: 65
  • Total number of physically disabled children and adults: 38
  • Total number of children and adults with multiple needs: 68
  • Total number of children and adults with no disabilities: 27
  • Cost of tuition in USD (month): $11/13 (elementary/ high school)
  • Cost of residency in USD (month): $300
  • Percentage of students making payments: 32%
  • Percentage of residents making payments: 0%
  • Number of employees: 113
  • Average salary in USD (month): $105
  • Clinic consultation (orthopedic, pediatric, etc.): $12
  • Evaluation for brace or prosthetic device: $3
  • Price range for braces: $2.25 to $225
  • Price range for prosthetic devices: $1.50 to $150