Changing A Life


Deaf. Blind. Unable to walk.

Impoverished. And Living in Haiti.

And yet... Radiant. Joyous. Loved.

And Loving!

These are the 200 children who are students at St. Vincent's Center. Their lives have been changed by classes taught in Braille and sign language, Kreyol and French and a student-faculty ratio of 4:1. They receive regular medical and dental care, physical therapy, and a nourishing hot mid-day meal. They play soccer, create beautiful art, sing in choirs, dance, and make warm melodies with their musical instruments. As our mission statement attests, they are growing into their full potential, with the skills to negotiate life.


On 8.6 acres in Santo 17, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, this remarkable Center gives hope for a better life to these children and their families. Since 1945, when it was founded by Sister Joan, a physical therapist, with the Sisters of St. Margaret, St. Vincent's has been one of the few beacons of hope in Haiti. This community of support provides learning AND healing.


What Makes the Difference?

$650 a year for each of these 200 children transforms their lives. $650 closes the tuition gap between the $130 which we ask families to pay and the total annual cost of $780. That's a mere $12.50 a week. A remarkably reasonable cost for changing a life. There are other costs, of course: we must purchase educational materials, pay the faculty competitive wages, and improve and maintain the property. We must provide reliable electrical power, ensure sanitary and hygienic systems, and construct a safe recreational area. In all, we must raise $500,000 annually to support St. Vincent's. You can read about these other opportunities on our website:


But right now, we are focused on supporting each of these 200 children through an annual donation of $650.

We hope that you will respond. Please

• Say yes

• Sponsor a student

• Close the gap

• Change a life

To make a tax-deductible gift, please make your check payable to St. Vincent’s Center, Haiti and mail it to the address below or go to and click on the DONATE button

You may reach us at or at our U. S. mailing address: 

St. Vincent's Center, Haiti

P.O. Box 771142

Memphis, TN 38117

Mesi anpil - Thank you very much


The mission of St. Vincent's Center is to provide special educational opportunities and life skills training to children with disabilities in Haiti.

• Every child receives an education that meets the requirements established by the Haitian Ministry of Education and prepares them to be global citizens in the 21st century.

• All teachers receive the opportunity for continuing education and certification.

• All students benefit from life skills and vocational training in the curriculum to become productive adults in Haitian society. 

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