Our Medical Clinic and Brace Shop

Both our Medical Clinic and our Brace Shop are located in downtown Port-au-Prince, at 119 Rue des Casernes. This will be a familiar area to those of you who visited St. Vincent's before we moved to Santo 17.

Our Medical Clinic provides pediatric, orthopedic, and, ophthalmologic care, physical therapy and audiology testing. Staffing includes five orthopedics, four pediatricians, one ophthalmologist, one physical therapist and one audiology technician. The Clinic sees from 15 to 20 children per day, usually from birth until 13-14 years old. Coming from all over Haiti, they pay a fee of 750 Gourdes or, approximately, $11.50 (USD).

Our Brace Shop serves mostly children, but we also work with some adults who wear braces. We employ one chief technician and three technicians who are disabled. Because our mission is to serve the poor, we provide care and braces at a very low price - well below what the market and other clinics charge. The fee we charge is largely for supplies. Thus, our Brace Shop runs at a loss.

If you are coming to Haiti and can bring supplies, we offer below our basic Brace Shop Yearly Supply Needs:

1. Copolymer polypropylene

2. Homopolymer polypropylene

3. Northplex

4. Northvane

5. Seaflex

6. Plastazote foam

7. Evazote foam

8. Northene

9. Carbonfx

10. North foam

11. Silvershield

12. Prosthetic feet

13. Silicone liner

14. Prosthetic foam covers

15. Velcro self adhesive male and female

16. Male and female adaptors for below and above knee sockets

17. Prosthetic knees, knee disarticulation included

18. Speed rivets male and female

19. Copper rivets assorted 

20. Stump bandages 

21. Easy fit bags for kids and adults

22. Plaster of paris bandages

23. Contact adhesive glue

24. Socket valves for above-knee

25. Thinner

26. Below-knee suspension sleeves 

27. Stump shrinkers 

28. Stump socks

29. POP plaster 

30. Crutches 

31. Cement glue

32. Resina acrilica – special perla minazione