Sister Joan Margaret (Founder)


Sister Joan was born on August 22, 1906. 

She died on December 16, 2005. 

Aurélie M. Fièvre, MPA (Executive Administrator)


Aurélie  works in Port-au-Prince and is responsible for managing the many operational and business details of St. Vincent's. She has a bachelor’s degree in law (University of Montreal), and a master’s degree in public administration (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City). Email Aurélie at aurelie@stvincentshaiti.org

The Rev. Frantz “Fanfan” Cole (Spiritual Director)


Father Cole works in Port-au-Prince and helps manage the daily activities of the Center. He spends much of his time building beneficial relationships for the Center, both in Haiti and the U.S. Father Cole also serves as the chaplain and spiritual presence of the community.  Ordained as an Episcopal priest in 1987, he has served in five parishes: Saint Esprit (Lascahobas), Saint Paul’s (Montrouis), Saint Paul’s (Les Cayes), Ascension (Port-au-Prince), and Notre Dame (Port-au-Prince).  His other accomplishments include starting a micro-loan program in Montrouis, founding a musical band in Lascahobas, and helping establish Maison de Naissance, a birthing center in Torbeck. He has also served as Development Officer for the Diocese of Haiti. Email Father Cole at perefanfan@stvincentshaiti.org

Irvika François (Principal)


Irvika holds a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and is fluent in five languages: Creole, French, English, Spanish, and Japanese. She is an expert in an interdisciplinary learning approach for curriculum development with vast experience in the pedagogy of reading, mathematics, and linguistics of Haitian Creole. Irvika comes to St. Vincent's from the Institut Haitien de l'Enfance, a UNICEF-funded study on out-of-school children in Haiti, where she served as the Education and Qualitative Lead Expert. She has over 20 years of teaching primary and secondary students and over 14 years of experience in curriculum and materials development for Haitian students. In addition to all else, Irvika is currently is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Florida. Email Irvika at irvika@stvincentshaiti.org.

Our Board of Directors

In the fall of 2015, The Rt. Rev. Jean-Zaché Duracin (Bishop of the Diocese of Haiti) called for the formation of a new governing board to support the work of Saint Vincent Center (SVC). The SVC Board of Directors (which includes members from both Haiti and the United States) is responsible for creating a strategic plan, setting policies, and providing oversight of all daily and long-term activities of SVC.

Board Members:

Gretchen Berggren, MD

The Rt. Rev. Mark A. Bourlakas

William S. Craddock, Jr. (Chair)

Dianne Jean-François, MD

Sister Kethia Jean-Simon (Society of St. Margaret)  

Cynthia Jaar Handal (Vice Chair)

Elizabeth M. Lowell

Sophia Saint-Remy Martelly

Valerie Flambert Mathon (Assistant Treasurer)

Susan Nelson, MD

Fabiola Poisson

Régine Désulme Polynice

Kenneth H. Quigley (Treasurer)

Stan Shaffer, MD (Secretary)

Ary Theodore