Why visit St. Vincent's?

St. Vincent's Center, Haiti, is a school for children with disabilities on the outskirts of Haiti's capital city, Port-au-Prince. We are in the process of planning the long-term use of our new 8.6 acre property in Santo 17, a five-minute drive from Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

St. Vincent's is the only school in Haiti offering education and healthcare to children with all varieties of physical disabilities. We are a one-of-a-kind school for 200 children who are deaf, blind and/or physically-disabled. 

What does the Experience include? Some options:

  • Welcome tour, background history, and current statistics by a senior staff member
  • Classroom visit to speak with students and ask questions with a translator
  • Mid-day meal(s) with students and staff
  • An on-campus service project - in construction, agriculture, mural painting, faculty enrichment, student-mentoring, student activities or another project tailored to our students' needs and your service team's skill sets
  • Meetings with senior staff 
  • A trip to a nearby medical clinic, where our children receive dental care
  • A trip to Food for the Poor, which is a St. Vincent's partner and has an extraordinary supply network (food, new homes, boats, tools, solar panels, etc.) throughout the country
  • Visits to museums, art galleries, metal artisans, philharmonic orchestra rehearsals, and shops
  • A day at the beach

"We sat in St Vincent's open air chapel on the first morning of our visit. We heard laughter and then saw a group of children leaving their residence and walking toward the school. As they got closer we could see the young girl who was leading the group had no arms. The boy behind her had his hand on her shoulder. The rest of the caravan of boys also had their hands on the child in front of them. All the boys were blind. They snaked their way down the path to the school enjoying the morning and being children. At that point, we all fell in love with St Vincent's. Our parish was looking for an international outreach. We were visiting the school as a discernment team to see if their mission was something our congregation would consider supporting. We all looked at each other and smiled. Through the laughter of children, the Lord had shown us where to focus our resources. We will become a St Vincent's partner."

Deane Gordon

St Martin's Episcopal Church

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Costs and Eligibility

What are the costs?

For a 4-5 day stay, these are fairly typical estimates:

  • Team fee - $780, which is the full annual cost of one student's tuition. 
  • Room, board, and transportation while in-country - $250 per person
  • Airfare - cost varies by departure location and carrier
  • Translator - $40 per day
  • Discretionary funds - at least $50 per person for personal purchases is suggested

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Our service teams come from schools, churches, service organizations, and medical associations (physical and occupational therapists, American Sign Language (ASL) users and teachers of the visually-impaired).

Team eligibility requirements include:

  • A maximum team size of 12
  • Minimum age for participants is 15 
  • We advise that people with serious medical or stress-induced conditions not participate
  • All vaccinations and inoculations are up-to-date. We strongly urge malaria-prevention medication


How to Coordinate a Visit

If you would like to visit St. Vincent's, please contact us at info@stvincentshaiti.org to discuss your interests, the purpose of your visit, the kind of skills you bring, and your contact information. We will follow-up promptly to work with you on an appropriate and productive visit.