St. Vincent's Wish List


With 200 enrolled students during the school year, the St. Vincent's Center has many needs.

Our everyday costs are for food, health, education, wages, and building and grounds maintenance.  There are certain things we need in order to keep the School running (our basic needs). And then, there are items that would make life a lot easier around here!

Please advise Père Duveaux at of the items you will be bringing to St. Vincent's center.

Ongoing needs

- Flash Cards : Math, vocabulary, colors, shapers  preferably in French)

- Reading books in French, Kreyol, English (in good condition)

- Books in Braille

- Audio Books in French

- Braille Paper (sheets)

- Geometric shapes and forms (round, triangle; fruits and vegetables, etc.)

- Chalk: Colored and white (1000 small sticks)

- Clorox Wipes

- Digital Voice Recorders (60) 

- Large Size Geometrical Compass set (compass and 4 pieces rulers math and geometry tools)

- 3 water coolers

- Laminators 

- Poster boards (“ Bristol”)

- Glue sticks

- Scotch Tape 

- Play Doh (Pate a modeler)

- Crayons

- Permanent Markers (black, blue, red, green)

- Highlighters (Yellow, orange, pink, blue, green)

- Wide-ruled Notebook sheets (loose leaves)

- Binders (3 ring)

- Construction paper

- Colored Pencil

- Erasers

- White Boards and erasable makers

- Projectors (2)

- White screen

- Computers  (desktop, laptop,) 

- Risograph

- Binding machine and Binders

- Pencil Erasers

- Black Pencil

- Folders 

- Three Hole Punch

- Highlighters

- Index cards

- Index card holders

- Learning Posters (Table, verbs, body parts, maps, etc.)

- Paint – (water color, acrylic )

- Educational Game in French (scrabble, puzzle, etc…)

- Metallic drawers

- Portfolio binders

- Sewing kits, fabrics, remnants

- 250 plastic plates, cups, cutlery (for the student food program) 

- 90 lb. Braille paper, SKU 10463 at