Who We Are

The Mission of St. Vincent’s Center is To provide special education opportunities and life skills training to children with disabilities in Haiti

  • Every child receives an education that meets the requirements established by the Haitian Ministry of Education and prepares them be global citizens in the 21st century.
  • All teachers receive the opportunity for continuing education and certification.
  • All students benefit from life skills and vocational training in the curriculum to become productive adults in Haitian society.

St. Vincent's Center is a school for 200 children at Santo 17 in the greater Port-au-Prince area. On our new, 8.6 acre campus, we daily teach 100 deaf, 60 blind, and 40 physically-challenged children, many of whom are in wheelchairs. 

St. Vincent's also operates a medical clinic and a brace-making shop in downtown Port-au-Prince, near our former site that was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Some of our graduates, under guidance from professionals, make prostheses for Haiti's poorest of the poor. 

Founded in 1945 by Sister Joan of the Episcopal Order of the Sisters of St. Margaret, St. Vincent's is known throughout Haiti as a place where children with disabilities are both educated and cared for. With an intense 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio, our students are taught in a standard school curriculum using sign language, Braille, and other adapted means of learning. We provide regular medical and dental care and physical therapy. The government of Haiti provides daily bus transportation from downtown Port-au-Prince to and from the school. The 250 students and teachers also enjoy a nourishing hot mid-day meal.

Our Board of Trustees is composed of Haitians and North Americans with special skills and experience in education, management, finance, and special needs development. The dedicated and competent staff and teachers are committed to providing a quality education and life experience for these children.

Financing our program is a major effort. The $500,000 annual operating budget requires a vigorous and robust fundraising effort from individuals, churches, organizations, and partnerships. Haitian families pay $130 of the $780 annual tuition cost. We must raise the additional $650 per student every year. These funds enable us to pay our teachers a competitive salary, recruit accredited staff and provide a safe and hygienic school campus. We are working with potential partnership organizations to plan for future agricultural, athletic,  and vocational resources. We have no paid staff in the United States. All contributions support St. Vincent's Center, Haiti.

We welcome your visits! Medical and church working groups have been coming to St. Vincent's for years. If you wish to visit us, please contact our Executive Administrator, Aurelie Fievre at aurelie@stvincentshaiti.org. She will coordinate a program to engage your group in a meaningful and productive project to support the school children.